Students from Ukraine

In response to the present crisis, UKCISA is working with other organisations in the education sector to identify and provide support for Ukrainian nationals who are studying or planning to study or conduct academic research in the UK.

One of our roles is to propose, and ask government departments for, solutions to immigration problems that we can share with students and our member institutions.

We are in regular contact with the UK Home Office, UK education departments, and other education organisations, and we will update this information or other relevant parts of our website when we can tell you more.

We are limited to helping with student immigration matters. If you need support with other types of immigration applications, including asylum and bringing your family to the UK, please ask your university, college or school to help you find lawyers specialising in asylum, or see the information on seeking immigration advice in Student immigration: the basics.

Your university, college or school is also the best place to ask about help with your studies, financial matters, and counselling. Most will have already contacted you to ask where you are and how you are. If you cannot get in touch with them, please call our Student Advice Line so we can help you do that.

Below you can find a series of links with relevant information for each part of your journey to studying in the UK.

More specific immigration guidance

Continuing studies

Scholarships and bursaries

Mental health