Last modified: 21 May 2024

The Home Office is changing the way in which individuals will be able to view evidence of their UK immigration permission. This will affect how you check your own permission and also how you prove what permission you have to other organisations. 

Physical documents such as BRPs, and vignettes placed in your passport, are eventually going to be replaced by a digital immigration permission known as an ‘eVisa’. Eventually, all holders of immigration permission will need to register for a UKVI account to access their eVisa. After you have registered for a UKVI account your immigration permission (your eVisa) can be viewed through this account. You will also be able to share that permission with other organisations, such as your education institution or your accommodation landlord. The part of the UKVI account where you can access your permission and learn how to share it with others is called ‘View and prove’. 

The Home Office aims to replace most physical documents with eVisas by the start of 2025. It aims to do this for holders of existing permission and, soon, for all newly-granted immigration permission. However, it is likely that some of the Home Office scheduling will vary or be amended. 

The system which supports UKVI accounts is still being developed and you should not attempt to register for a UKVI account until you are invited to do so by the Home Office or until the Home Office announces the system is fully open. The Home Office will either contact you to invite you, or it will make it public when it wants everyone to start to register. 

You can read further details from the Home Office about its roll-out of eVisas at Guidance Online immigration status (eVisa) - Information on eVisas and why you need one. It is possible to register with that gov.uk webpage for notifications of updates.

BRP holders

Last modified: 21 May 2024

My BRP ends on 31 December 2024 but my immigration permission ends after this date  

I need to make a new immigration application in the UK before the end of this year 

My BRP was issued before 2020 and ends after 31 December 2024 

Other forms of documentation

Last modified: 21 May 2024

I already have an eVisa 

My immigration permission is in the form of a passport endorsement (a ‘wet ink stamp’) or a passport vignette sticker