Education Advisory Group

Together with a range of sector organisations, UKCISA is part of the Education Advisory Group. We're working closely with the Home Office as they consider different parts of the Immigration White Paper. 

The Home Office has been asking UKCISA members to feedback on various elements of the current systems and how they might be changed. Your feedback so far this summer has been invaluable, and we’ve had the opportunity to share it not just with the Home Office, but with other government departments and sector organisations.

It’s helped provide evidence to government that it needs to make changes. It’s also enabled us to ask some questions of the Home Office as well, which also help shape thinking on policy and its implementation.

Thanks to all of our members who have engaged with us via surveys, email and over the phone.

So far, the meetings have covered:

  • Temporary Worker Route
  • Electronic Travel Agreement
  • Future Borders and Immigration System
  • Sopra Steria
  • eGates

Our next meeting will be on 23 August. Please continue to share your feedback, it's essential for us to accurately represent any issues in the sector. Find out how to give your feedback about the current Tier 4 system at

Read an overview of our meeting notes to date. (Members' only)