How to navigate the toolkit

Please note that module 1 is now called 'What is international?'.  You will notice a few other changes to the content which was updated in June 2015 but you will also still find this guide useful.


Finding your way around (1:47):




Making the programme work for you (2:20)




Using the interactive resources (1:19):



Using the notepad, glossary and print option (2:22)




Considering what you have learnt (1:37)


A guide to how the toolkit works and how to use it

This guide is a starting point for anyone considering how they might use UI as a resource for training and development in their institution. The content of UI was updated in June 2015 and the guide was written in January 2014 and while some of the sections have changed slightly, it is still a very useful resource.  It suggests some approaches, but does not attempt to be prescriptive. It is a working document, and we hope that those of you, who try using it in different ways within your institution, will give us feedback, so that we can include more examples and suggestions in future editions. (Please contact with any feedback)