Example programme: specific training needs

Addressing specific training needs: dilemmas in international work

 This suggested programme focuses on using the toolkit to support staff development in a specific area.  Here we have taken the example of increasing awareness of cross-cultural issues in ethical dilemmas

 Purpose Increasing staff awareness of cross-cultural issues in ethical dilemmas
 Participants Any staff engaged in international work
 Duration  2 hours
 Module What is international? (Section: Professional Ethics - Case Studies)
 Method Group session (blended learning)

Introduction (15 mins)

Choose a video clip of international students, showing misunderstanding or challenges, from the Communicating across Cultures module.  Is this familiar?  Explain the purpose of the session, and how it could benefit them and the students.

Activity 1 (45 mins)

You will need to demonstrate beforehand that there are three stages to work through:

  • the scenario
  • the issues
  • the commentary [our thoughts]

In pairs, they work through two or three case studies, taking notes.  Depending on the nature of their roles, you may wish to pick out particular case studies which are most relevant. (25 mins)

They feedback to the group how well they perceive the 'commentary' resolves the issues, or how they could be better addressed. Take notes on flipchart or electronically. (20 mins)

Activity 2 (45 mins)

Discussion in small groups.

  • What other kinds of situations occur that are like this?
  • Why do you think they occur?
  • How could you deal better with these situations?

Plenary (15 mins)

Using the recorded notes as a prompt, consider as a group:

  • What lessons have been learned from the session?
  • What approaches could be adopted to improve communication?
  • What general approaches could be adopted to resolve issues?