Update on fee status for European students starting courses in Wales in Autumn 2021

18 March 2021

If you are planning to start a course in Wales on or after 1 August 2021 and would have expected to pay 'home' fees before Brexit, you are probably wondering whether you will pay 'home' or 'international' fees.

The regulations that determine who pays 'home' fees are issued by the Welsh Government. They have not issued those regulations yet, but they have issued a more detailed 'Student Finance Wales Information Notice', to supplement an earlier (less detailed) one that they issued in January 2021. The notice helps explain roughly what the situation will be for some groups. It is the 'Student Finance Wales Information Notice: EU exit eligibility categories SFWIN 03/2021' (the web address on the Welsh Government website is https://gov.wales/student-finance-wales-information-notice-eu-exit-eligibility-categories-html). 

Although the notice is much more detailed than the previous one, it is important you remember that it does not set out all the detailed requirements that will appear in the regulations (for example, the notice does not describe how in some categories your 'main purpose' for living in a particular area might be relevant). Also, the notice does not explain any of the complexities of testing each of the requirements, which often relate to complicated areas of EU law and the law relating to Brexit.

For that reason, you will need to wait until the regulations (and the guidance that accompanies them) are issued, to know for certain whether or not you qualify. The Welsh Government says in its notice that the regulations will be published in April. 

It is only at that point that UKCISA will be able to start analysing the regulations, in preparation for providing information about them on our website. That information will take time to prepare, because of its complexity, and we thank you for your patience while we do that. Unfortunately we will not be able to provide any guidance on the content of the notice in the meantime, either on our website or telephone advice line, because it does not include all the information that is necessary for safe guidance to be given. 

Your can read our 22 January 2021 story about the earlier notice on the UKCISA newswall