Version 2 of ‘Who pays ‘home’ fees for HE in England?’

28 May 2021

We have added some wording to the information for the ‘Brexit protected rights: EU national / EU family / Family of relevant person of Northern Ireland’ category.

In situations where a student is relying on someone else to meet the three-year residence test for them, we now explain that that other person must be in the UK (as a self-sufficient person, student, or worker) on the first day of the academic year for which the fees are being paid.

Thank you to the fee assessor who drew this omission to our attention on the UKCISA telephone advice line.

The wording has been included in the new version of the pdf document, Version 2, issued on 28 May 2021. Please only use Version 2 from now on. The section affected is (c)(ii) on page 34.

Students can download Version 2 of the pdf document from the UKCISA website.  UKCISA members will probably prefer to use the member copy of Version 2 - it can be downloaded by UKCISA members from section 2.5 of the fees section of the UKCISA online manual (look in the Resources box at the bottom of the page).  It includes useful additional footnotes.

As explained at the beginning of the pdf, it is a ‘living’ document and readers should expect to see it develop over time. Please always use only the most recent version.