Scotland: New fees and Student Support regulations laid

06 May 2022


The Scottish Government has today (6 May 2022) laid two new sets of regulations which will replace existing fees and Student Support legislation. Both sets of regulations come into force on 1 August 2022 and, contained within each of them, there are provisions to revoke the existing sets of fees and Student Support regulations for Scotland.

The two new sets of regulations are as follows:

UKCISA had expected any upcoming changes to be amendments to existing legislation rather than a wholesale replacement of it (we recently alerted you to upcoming changes in relation to providing for Ukrainian nationals in the regulations, in our story on Scotland Fees and Student Support for those under Ukraine schemes).

On a very hurried reading of things this afternoon, it appears to be intended that existing provisions should be retained in the new regulations, like-for-like, as well as new provision being made for Ukrainians and Afghan nationals, as promised. However, it will take time for us to analyse this new legislation and to safely advise on the refreshed position for anyone being assessed for the academic year commencing on 1 August 2022.