Version 2 of ‘Who pays ‘home’ fees for HE in Wales?’

23 October 2021


UKCISA’s pdf guide, ‘Who pays ‘home’ fees for higher education in Wales?’ has been updated with some small changes: 

1. References to some people who are still waiting for the outcome of an in-time application to the EU Settlement Scheme needing to have had comprehensive sickness insurance in the UK have been removed, because of a change in Government policy on that.

2. Information about when an Irish citizen will count as a ‘person with protected rights’ has been expanded, to mention situations where they are either frontier workers, or joining an EEA or Swiss national family member in the UK.

3. The definition of a ‘person with protected rights’ now appears only in one place, instead of being repeated a number of times throughout the document. The pdf has therefore become shorter.

Downloading the pdf guide

Please only use Version 2 of the pdf guide from now on. It is dated 23 October 2021.

Students can download Version 2 of the pdf guide (‘Who pays ‘home’ fees for higher education  in Wales?’) from the UKCISA website.  UKCISA members will probably prefer to use the member copy of Version 2 - it can be downloaded by UKCISA members from section 2.5 of the fees section of the UKCISA online manual (look in the Resources box at the bottom of the page).  It includes useful additional footnotes.

As explained at the beginning of the pdf, it is a ‘living’ document and readers should expect to see it develop over time. Please always use only the most recent version.