Student update: take part in Keele University research project and photo exhibition

19 October 2023


Keele University would like input from Syrian students who are currently studying at a UK university or have completed their studies in the last 12 months, and students who have had to flee their countries as part of two new projects. 

Research project 

As part of a UKCISA-funded research project, the university would like to hear about the general experiences of Syrian students in UK higher education, including what worked well, what didn’t, and whatever you feel most strongly about.  

Keele University’s aim is to learn how, from your perspectives, UK universities could enhance processes and services to better support students fleeing humanitarian crises.  

Topics may, but do not have to, include experiences of: 

  • The application or registration process. 
  • Travelling or housing arrangements. 
  • Support services, including pastoral care, wellbeing and counselling support. 
  • Flexibility in relation to deadlines.
  • Pedagogic design and assessments.
  • Opportunities to integrate and meet others within the university and wider community. 

Input is welcome from all Syrian students across a range of disciplines, regardless of whether you studied at undergraduate or postgraduate level.  

An online focus group and one-hour interview held at a mutually convenient time and in the language of your choice will be arranged to hear your experiences. A small token of appreciation will be provided as a thank you for participating in the study. 

Photo exhibition 

Additionally, Keele University is planning a photo exhibition, supported by a professional artist and curator, to share the experiences and stories of international students who have had to flee their own country.  

The key aim of the photo exhibition is to help share the real stories and experiences of international students who have fled their home countries in an effort to promote a more informed public debate about the needs and experiences of international students in the UK. 

You could submit photos of:

  • Places or objects of significance for students.
  • Key moments and occasions, for example, arrival in the UK or at university.
  • Street/spontaneous photos, captured without posed appearances (these are particularly encouraged).

All suggestions and submissions are welcome and will be considered by the project team. 

If you are interested in participating in either the study project or the photo exhibition, or if you have any questions about the processes, please contact Dr Alison Long by Tuesday 31 October. 

Contact Dr Long