CEO update on Ukraine

02 March 2022


We are deeply concerned by the ongoing crisis in Ukraine, and we understand that this will be affecting many international students and staff across the sector. We recognise that this is a difficult time for Ukrainian nationals, other nationals from Ukraine, Russian students and staff, and that this conflict may be distressing for many in our international community.  

UKCISA is working together with members and education sector organisations to identify and provide support for individuals affected by the crisis who are studying or planning to study or conduct academic research in the UK.

We are monitoring government guidance, and enquiries from members and students, to inform our ongoing dialogue with relevant government departments and to advocate for appropriate support for those impacted by the ongoing crisis.

We are working with the Home Office and other relevant UK Government departments to help current students who may be concerned for their safety in returning home when their visa expires.

At this uncertain time, we want to make sure that you know where you can access support, whether you are an international student or a UKCISA member.


If you are a UKCISA member:

  • We will be closely monitoring the UKCISA forum to gather insight to inform our advice to the Home Office. We encourage you to use this space to raise any issues and share best practice with the UKCISA network.
  • You can contact us directly on our members advice line, if you have any individual cases to raise. If you have any other questions, please contact us at   
  • We suggest that you establish or maintain links with immigration lawyers so you can refer students easily if necessary. You can find a list of immigration advice providers on our website.


If you are from Ukraine and are a Ukrainian national studying in the UK:

  • Find out more about the latest visa concession update, announced on 25 February, in this government guidance.
  • You may be able to access free UK immigration advice from the Ukraine Advice Project UK.
  • Read this guide to the UK immigration and asylum system and seek legal advice if you are thinking about claiming asylum in the UK.


If you are an international student in the UK:

  • Contact your university, college or school, student union, or personal tutor for support with your studies, financial matters, and counselling services.
  • Find out more about mental health support in the UK on our website.
  • Visit Student Space for information and advice, and one-to-one support via email, phone, webchat or text message.
  • Visit our website for information and advice on visas and immigration, work during and after studies, home or overseas fee status regulations, and sources of funding.
  • Call our confidential international students advice line if you have any specific queries about your immigration status. Please note that our advice is limited to Student and Graduate route immigration categories, and that we are unable to advise on claiming asylum or family reunion.