#WeAreInternational campaign launches new phase

26 September 2023


Our campaign partner, Universities UK International has launched a new phase of the #WeAreInternational campaign, with the support of UKCISA, BUILA, London Higher and British Council: Study UK.   

Relaunched in May 2023, the #WeAreInternational campaign was first established with the intention of turning the tide against a backdrop of negative political and media rhetoric. In doing so, this campaign aims to celebrate and communicate the cultural, social and civic contribution that international students make to the UK. 

#WeAreInternational: Transforming Lives tells the stories of international students based across the UK. The ‘hero’ film, released today, marks the start of the new series, with a further 10 films planned for release from Monday 2 October. Each film will focus on an individual student, with new films releasing every two weeks throughout October. The stories featured are all unique and serve as a reminder that the journey of every international student is different. 

Learn more about Transforming Lives

We’re looking forward to opening recruitment for our #WeAreInternational Student Ambassador programme next week and celebrating International Students Day at our annual student-facing event, UKCISA Fest and UKCISA Annual reception, where we will also celebrate the #WeAreInternational campaign.