Whatuni call for institutions to collect international student reviews

08 February 2024


IDP Connect and Whatuni are encouraging all member institutions to collect reviews from international students studying in the UK ahead of the upcoming Whatuni Student Choice Awards (WUSCA). 

Established by the Whatuni brand – a comprehensive university comparison website, which helps students find the right university – the review collection lies at the heart of WUSCA and celebrates the invaluable student perspective. These reviews help to provide a window into the lives of students and their satisfaction at institutions across the UK. Last year, 240 members participated, and a total of 35,000 student reviews were collected by Whatuni. 

For 2024, Whatuni is continuing to encourage universities to self-collect reviews. They have provided a free playbook which:  

  • Details the background of the campaign.  
  • Shares insights and guidance on how to run a successful in-house review collection campaign. 
  • Provides digital media assets, promotional ideas and email templates for members to utilise.  

Download the playbook 

The focus of these reviews is to gather feedback from first and second-year students to ensure that National Student Survey (NSS) responses aren’t impacted. 

The review categories span a wide spectrum, covering everything from academic matters to campus culture, and they have evolved into a vital resource for prospective students, assisting them in making well-informed decisions about their academic choices. By actively engaging in the review collection, Whatuni members also receive a wealth of invaluable feedback that can be used to enhance various aspects of their institutions. 

The Whatuni review collection team are touring campuses across the UK to collect verified reviews from students about their higher education experiences. If you would like support with your review collection and would benefit from an in-person visit, you can contact the project manager, Qasim Badri at wusca.support@idp.com.