Experiencing the UK Graduate route: India, postgraduate diploma or certificate

Date:Jul 2023
Topic(s): Graduate route, Recruitment, Student employability, Transition
Type(s): AGCAS Case study

The Association of Graduate Careers Advisory Services (AGCAS), a member of UKCISA’s International Student Employability Group (ISEG), has captured the experiences of international graduates seeking employment in the UK after graduation in a series of case studies.

Who are you?



Nationality / country of origin


Current visa

Graduate route

Are your expectations of your Graduate route visa being met?


University, level of study and programme of study

University of Bristol

Postgraduate diploma or certificate (including PGCE/PGDE)

Data Science

How many roles have you applied for since leaving university?

Over 50

Current activity

Employed – full time (permanent contract)

Where do you work?

Job title

Associate Consultant

Employer / organisation


Briefly describe your role and your main responsibilities

Engaging in research and teaching undergraduate and postgraduate students. Co-supervising PhD students, personal tutorship, academic mentoring and other administrative roles

Time between the end of your course and start date for your current role

3-6 months

How did you find your current job?

Through social media (eg. Linkedin, Twitter)

“Companies simply don’t want to hire people whom they cannot keep for the long term.”

Thoughts on your visa 

Many companies are still not considering the Graduate route visa as the way to work in the UK. 80% of the companies simply don’t want to hire people whom they cannot keep for the long term. Most interviews were followed by the question – what happens after two years?

The visa process was pretty straightforward. I got the instructions directly through the government website. The cost is relatively very high compared to other countries providing similar visas. After all the documentation and verification of the details, the visa submission was easy. I received the visa within five working days and the Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) within 15 working days.

Support and development 

While at university, I had a one-to-one appointment with a careers adviser. I received CV feedback, undertook recruitment activities, such as practicing interviews and attending assessment centres. I attended a careers fair and gained access to job vacancy listings. 

“Employers have very minimal knowledge of the visa.”

Employer knowledge and attitudes 

Employers have very minimal knowledge of the Graduate route visa. Most employers ignore applications from students with this visa.

What advice would you give to current international students seeking graduate employment in the UK?  

Try to explain to the employers as much as you can that this visa is a great opportunity for them to hire talented students and ensure that your work will definitely define your further stay in the in UK.