Experiencing the UK Graduate route: Indonesia, undergraduate degree

Date:Jul 2023
Topic(s): Graduate route, Recruitment, Student employability, Transition
Type(s): AGCAS Case study

The Association of Graduate Careers Advisory Services (AGCAS), a member of UKCISA’s International Student Employability Group (ISEG), has captured the experiences of international graduates seeking employment in the UK after graduation in a series of case studies.

Who are you?


Felicia Singgih

Nationality / country of origin


Current visa

Graduate route

Are your expectations of your Graduate route visa being met?

Strongly Agree

University, level of study and programme of study

Newcastle University

Undergraduate degree, including integrated master’s degrees (eg BA, BSc, MBChB, MEng)


How many roles have you applied for since leaving university?


Current activity

Employed – full time (more than 35 hours a week) (permanent contract)

Where do you work?

Job title

Insights Analyst

Employer / organisation


Briefly describe your role and your main responsibilities

Category management, reports and consumer research (qualitative and quantitative research) in the food and drink industry. I research, data analyse and create reports, presentations, programme questionnaires and analyse them.

Time between the end of your course and start date for your current role

3-6 months

How did you find your current job?

Through social media (eg. LinkedIn, Twitter)

Thoughts on your visa 

I am able to apply for any job without the need to get a work sponsorship. It was very easy to apply and get approval for the visa, everything was done online and no documents needed to be sent through the post. It only took two weeks for me to get the approval and another week to get my new Biometric Residence Permit (BRP).

“I started my own small business.”

Support and development 

I gained access to job vacancy listings at university.

I started my own small business on Etsy which sparked interest with many employers.

“I’ve had a number of employers turn me down because they’re not sure about my visa arrangements.”

Employer knowledge and attitudes 

Not a lot of employees know about the visa options for international students which is frustrating. Despite not needing a work visa, I’ve had a number of employers turn me down because they’re not sure about my visa arrangements.

A lot of companies are not open to sponsoring a work visa which really frustrates me. The moment I mention possibly needing a work visa after the Graduate route visa, they turn me down.

“Connect with other international graduates.”

What advice would you give to current international students seeking graduate employment in the UK? 

Connect with international graduates who have graduated in the past few years and have got a job in the UK. Don’t lose hope if an employer turns you down because you’re not a British citizen, we all understand how you feel, you’re not alone. Keep applying and I’m sure you’ll find a role made for you!

Although you need to find sponsored employment after the two-year Graduate route visa expires, if the job application form asks “Do you need a work visa/sponsorship”, answer “no”.

Only explain your visa when you’re on an interview call with them. If you say “yes” on the form, a lot of employers won’t even give you a chance.

UPDATE: Since providing this case study, Felicia took up a role as Commercial Analyst at WARP Snacks until March 2023. Felicia will embark on a Masters in International Business Management (Sustainability) in September 2023.