Equity, Inclusion and Innovation: a sustainable international student policy

Date:Apr 2024

The recommendations in this paper aim to ensure that the UK’s global image remains positive and welcoming for prospective and current students and supports the continued success of the whole education sector. Further, it supports the work of UKCISA and its members through the #WeAreInternational campaign to counter recent negative perceptions of the UK as a study destination for international students.  

The recommendations are: 

1. Promote the UK as a welcoming and inclusive country to study in, using positive language in cross-government policy and campaigns that acknowledges the strength and contributions of international students and their dependants to their communities.   

2. Implement central data collection mechanisms to build a comprehensive evidence base on migration data for international students and their dependants. 

3. Develop fair and equitable immigration policies for international students across the UK education sector. 

4. Transform digital tools for immigration to enhance the customer experience for international students and education sponsors. 

5. Support careers and employability opportunities, recognising their intrinsic value to the UK’s global education offer for international students and graduates.