PG Cert in International student advice & support

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Bring a fresh approach to your role, gain a postgraduate qualification and enhance your career prospects!

In partnership with the University of Nottingham we offer a Postgraduate Certificate in International Student Advice and Support. This is a one-year part-time course. It is suitable for all colleagues delivering international student advice and support and includes four residential modules on:

  • Cross-Cultural Aspects of Advice and Support
    This part of the course is about you, you will have the opportunity to reflect on your own cultural experiences, learn some theory and apply them to your role.
  • Advice-Giving and Client Care
    This is about your students.  In this module you will learn a powerful model on advice giving which you can immediately apply when working directly with students. 
  • Ethical and Legal Frameworks and the Role of the International Student Adviser
    In this module, you will consider the systems in which you are operating and consider some of the ethical dilemmas you face in your role.
  • Managing Complexity: Enhancing Student Adviser's Influence and Impact
    The final module brings the learning together and considers your position within your institution and how you can have greater influence.

The PG Cert is ideal for you if you are working (or aiming to secure a role) in student support services or international offices in higher education, further education or the independent sector.​

Dr Belinda Harris, Director of Postgraduate and Undergraduate programmes at Nottingham outlines the nature of the course:

"The programme is taught at weekends, as University of Nottingham and UKCISA staff co-teach the programme; we normally have two or three tutors working collaboratively throughout each weekend. The programme has highly-participative residential weekends at its core, and we work hard to create a safe space for students to critically reflect on their lives, their role and their professional experience. We also create small and large group opportunities for participants to try out new ways of being and behaving as an adviser.

"Student satisfaction is very high and we believe that it is the diversity of students in each group (where they work, cultural heritage, age, experience etc) together with the close team work of the staff group, that enables quite deep sharing and personal/professional  change to occur.”

Lizzie Huckle, Imperial College London (Completed PG Cert in February 2014) said:  

“Doing the PG Cert enabled me to step out of my day-to-day working life and spend some time thinking about myself as an adviser and the work that I am doing with students and within the institution. Having worked in international advice for many years, this was really the first time I had the opportunity to do this and I think the work we undertook on the course has really helped me to develop both as an adviser and as a manager. It was also a great way to meet a whole new group of people working in a range of roles across a number of institutions and we formed some close friendships as a result.”

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