Marcel's EU settlement scheme application

Blog for students
11 December 2018

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Last month, Urszula Domagala gave us her account of applying under the first stage of the EU settlement scheme pilot. Marcel Clusa recently applied under the second stage of the EU settlement scheme pilot, and we are very grateful that he has a...

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My EU settlement application

Blog for students
20 November 2018

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European Union nationals and their family members who want to stay in the UK after (or if)  the UK leaves the European Union will have to apply for immigration permission under the EU settlement scheme. People who can prove they have been in the...

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Brexit is no reason to retreat from internationalism

Blog for members
26 August 2016

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At the close of the UKCISA Conference in June 2016, Abdi-Aziz Suleiman, former president of the University of Sheffield Students' Union  re-launched the #weareinternational campaign and spoke passionately about the key role of staff working in t...

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Building bridges (or life after 'Brexit')

Blog for students
11 August 2016

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Everyone will remember what they did on the 23rd of June of 2016 as one would remember, for example, where they were when the Berlin Wall fell in 1989. One particular event, in one particular day, that will leave its mark on the pages of history and,...

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