Students with leave under Ukraine Schemes - important news in England

02 August 2022


England’s Department for Education has issued a Student Support Information Note instructing institutions to ignore the requirement for students to have been "ordinarily resident in the UK on the first day of the first academic year of the course", when deciding whether or not a ‘person granted leave under the Ukraine Schemes’ qualifies to pay fees at the ‘home’ rate for higher education in England.

That particular requirement has therefore been deleted from UKCISA’s web information explaining the requirements for the category.

If you are a student and your institution previously told you that you would not qualify for the category, please alert them to this story immediately, so they can make a fresh assessment.

If you work in an institution, please actively identify and contact any student who might benefit, straightaway.

If you need to find the Student Support Information Note online, go to the Student Finance England ‘Policy documents’ page and look for the heading ‘SSIN Student Funding 2022-23, published 01/08/22’. When you open the document you will find it has reference number SSIN 07/22 towards the top.