Important updates for students on creating a UKVI account

11 April 2024


ITEM UPDATED - 23 April 2024 - for clarity-purposes

The Home Office is changing the way in which individuals prove their immigration status in the UK and is inviting individuals in phases during 2024 to register for a UKVI account.

Physical documents such as BRPs and passports containing a vignette are being replaced by a digital immigration status known as an “eVisa”. The Home Office aims to replace physical documents with a new digital system by 2025. Visa holders will be able to register for a UKVI account and access their immigration status electronically. You can read further details about these plans by viewing the Home Office website.

Registering for a UKVI account will mean that you can view your status online, and also share your status with others such as your institution or landlord. The Home Office is contacting visa holders, to invite them to register for an account, using the last known contact email address it has for them. You may receive an email directly about this, or this email may go directly to your sponsor or legal representative, depending on what information you provided with your Student application. We understand that a number of students were contacted via email by the Home Office on 3 April 2024.

If you are not emailed during this notification process, all individuals with physical documents will be able to register for a UKVI account later in 2024. You should not attempt to register for a UKVI account before you are invited to do so, or until later in 2024 when this service will be available for all holders of a physical immigration document. If you have a BRP which has been “short-dated” to 31 December 2024 even though your immigration permission goes beyond this date, you will also need to follow this process in order to prove your immigration status thereafter. Those who already have an eVisa will not be affected by this process.